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GMC Jam 5 - First Place

Light and dark magicians alike are kept trapped between the mazelike walls of a special prison. The Warden's gift to you enables your escape.

Penitentiary is a puzzle-platformer combining spatial geometry and quick-reflex segments for a mind-bending experience. Invert gravity, slip through solid ground, and make your way to the exit teleporter across nine levels.

This game was created for the GMC Jam #5, where it took home the honorable ranking of First Place. Music by TheFugue was utilized in this project.

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  • Fixed the coin duplication glitch
  • Fixed collision checking to prevent the player from randomly floating out of the level when flipping a coin into a sharp edge
  • Fixed an outright crash when a coin collides with a wall during the teleporter's exit animation
  • Initial release (game jam version)