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For years, peaceful peasants have tended to their land with assorted pitchforks. They are ruled by an evil overlord, a huge jerk who basks in the fact no hero exists to stop him. Having had enough, the peasantry elects to take up battle against him and his constituents with the only two things they have: pitchforks, and numbers.

GMC Jam 2 - Fourth Place

A One Hit Point Uprising is an isometric-perspective adventure game where you attempt to get to the Evil Overlord himself, poking things with pitchforks and trying not to fall prey to other hazards. Every nameless peasant has but one hit point to their name, making the slightest brush with death a certain end. Levels take you through the countryside and the Evil Overlord's castle itself, upgrading your farming implement with money collected along the way.

This game was created for the GMC Jam #2, where it took home the honorable ranking of Fourth Place. TheFugue contributed his musical talent again for this game.

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  • Added a new level (Castle 7)
  • Fixed a glitch where a merchant could be bought from repeatedly (caused crashes later)
  • Changed color palettes a bit
  • Removed spike pattern puzzles (all spikes are static now)
  • Enemy ninjas now move every other action, instead of every action
  • Upped enemy health across the board, save for the weakest slimes and the Overlord
  • Rescripted the Overlord; now spawns enemies at different health intervals and has a new attack (for pitchfork upgrade 2+ and below 25% HP)
  • Removed death/iteration tracking, as it no longer matters
  • HUD now highlights direction you're moving
  • Can now hold X to turn in place instead of moving
  • Moved a couple of level objects and NPCs around
  • Initial release (game jam version)